Trendy Whipped Coffee

If you’ve been mindlessly scrolling Facebook while you’re stuck inside, you have probably seen this whipped coffee trend go crazy. I mean if you see it on Facebook, it has to be legit. Right?!

I don’t know about that so I obviously had to try it for myself. You’re talking to the caffeine addicted mom who drinks triple espressos and still nods off. I can’t go a day without coffee or some form of caffeine. It’s a proven fact. Maybe an unhealthy one, but fact!

First let me start out by saying most of the posts I saw…lie. Don’t try doing this by hand. Unless of course you are getting your upper body workout in for the day HA! Get yourself a tiny hand blender. I have a small one and medium size, go small! It’s going to form the best peaks in your foam that it will take a lot of whisking otherwise. Thanks but no thanks. That’s a hard pass for me.

Ingredients are super simple. Two tablespoons Instant coffee (must be instant!), two tablespoons sugar, two tablespoons hot water. Get creative and add some cinnamon because it tastes delicious and has health benefits. Thank me later.

Ready for easy? Just add that to a deep bowl (so it doesn’t splash everywhere. Trust me) , blend until peaks form, top it on your favorite milk of choice. I use a lactose free milk but any will do.

Now if you are sensitive to caffeine I would cut that recipe in half. This recipe is equivalent to six cups of coffee. You read that right mama, six. Thank god it’s easy to make or I would need an iv of it to get me through.

I’m going to need y’all to go try this and report back how you think it tastes. I personally love it, but like I said I can tolerate straight espresso. Oops! Stay tuned for my cold foam recipe this week too. I may as well keep y’all caffeinated and strong 🙂




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