Positive Affirmations For Your Kids

As a mom of three I am constantly trying to think of ways to keep their spirits high. They might only be toddlers, but hearing they are doing great at something can turn their day around with a smile on their face. I am guilty of losing my patience with my kids. Having a newborn in the house with them can lead to many meltdowns. Some from them, and a lot from me too. Hey, I am human right? I find myself snapping at them, leaving me to feel like the worst mom in the world. Trust me, I know that is far from the truth but in the moments after I feel it. Which brings me to why I think reminding your kids these things are powerful.

Whether you say these to their faces or come up with clever ideas to remind them, I’m sure they will love it either way. I love the idea of putting a small little notes in their lunch boxes to boost their attitude halfway through the school day. My girls start school next year so I am already prepping! Small gestures like this are so important in their individual growth as they find their way in this big world.

  • YOU matter everyday
  • Struggling makes you stronger
  • Put in the effort everyday
  • Choose positivity today
  • You are BRAVE
  • You can be anything you want to be
  • Mistakes are how you grow
  • There is always a reason to smile 🙂
  • You have people that love you
  • Today is a fresh start
  • Doing your best is enough
  • You inspire me
  • You are a gift from God
  • You were born to do great things
  • I will always believe in you
  • I am proud to call you my child
  • You have a kind heart
  • Always do what is right
  • I’m here
  • It is ok to fail

These tiny words can make a HUGE difference in a kids eyes. In todays world there is so much pressure to be perfect. Having a bad day doesn’t mean a child is bad. It is just that: A bad day. Remind them that you are there and they can not fail in their journey. Remaining a positive parent will result in positive kiddos. This could be the biggest gift you ever give your children.