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Covid-19 Depression

I’m sure someone can relate to the thoughts going through my head as we near the one month mark of being in quarantine. I’ll be the first to admit that I made fun of this all before it hit us. I never thought I’d honestly see the day. Or maybe the humor was a way of me coping with what was to come. Now that we are living a real life horror story I find myself not knowing how to cope. My depression is at the highest peak, like I’m standing on top of Mount Everest looking down at my fate. I’m drowning in thoughts that just never stop racing. I’m sad for my kiddos that don’t understand what’s happening and why they can’t go to Walmart to check out the toys. They’re running out of things to keep them entertained in a small house, but who can blame them considering they’re only 4. Things could be worse and I’m well aware, that doesn’t make my feelings invalid. I know I could be suffering from the virus or have to watch someone I care about get sick, but it is still hard to feel so trapped.

Why am I telling you all this? So you know it’s ok and normal to have all these thoughts. Most of us have never been through something so huge, and i hope we never have to again. I want you to know you aren’t alone and your feelings matter.

It’s ok to be sad your kids are missing school.

It’s ok to be angry your income was taken away.

It’s ok to feel so anxious you can’t sleep.

It’s ok to be upset you’re missing your baby shower, wedding, birthday, etc.

It’s ok to miss going shopping just because.

It’s ok to be overwhelmed being with your family 24/7.

It’s ok to feel like your kids are driving you crazy. Trust me the feelings mutual on their side I’m sure!

What isn’t ok is telling someone else how they should feel. You aren’t that person. You don’t know how their mind works. You don’t know what they’re going through. Stop criticizing others for how they are coping. We are all in this together (thanks Zac Efron) and we have to keep on going. For each other and for our families.

Someday soon (I hope) we can all look back on this and see how strong we all were.