Family Christmas Traditions: Party of Five

It’s not a secret the holiday routines are a little different this year. We could all sit around and sulk, or we can make it one to remember. Make it something special with what we are handed. Right?

Every year we each pick out an ornament for our tree. We get one in the summer on our beach vacation, then one when we put our tree up. Now that there is five of us, you can say our tree has exploded! Each ornament tells a story. I have ones in memory of my dad and they’re so special to me. Then we have some he had given us before passing, so they get put at the way top! It’s funny to see the kids interests change each year with what they pick. We go from Nemo to Toy Story. From Goofy to The Grinch. I can guarantee you if you ask the girls, they know which one is theirs…and where it came from.

Our goal for this is so when they are older, we get to give them each their collection when they start their own family. So that they can carry this tradition forward with their kids.

The only thing I suggest is for all my fellow OCD moms, keep a separate tree for this. The clutter is no ones friend but so worth it in the end!

I’ve connected with some amazing Bloggers to share some blogs featuring Christmas! Regardless if you’ve decked the halls or not, you don’t wanna miss these! Recipes, crafts, decor & more! Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing.


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The Ultimate Kids Gift Guide for an Intentional Christmas


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Christmas Decor Inspo: My Blush Christmas Tree Reveal

Christmas Decor Inspo: My Blush Christmas Tree Reveal


Take A Trip Down Candy Cane Lane!



Holiday Tree Decor



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