Do you even splurge?

When it comes to splurging I have to admit I’m bad at it. I’m bad in a way I never treat myself. I’m a mom of three so I’d rather splurge on them. While that’s a moms job to spoil and love them, sometimes a mom needs something for herself. Am I right?!

The thing is, when you’re working hard to save money, get out of debt, or even just pay the bills, it’s easy to start to believe that splurging is “bad”! That it’s something we should feel guilty about.

But the whole point of working hard and having money is to sometimes be able to enjoy it. My dad always said you can’t enjoy it after you die! I’d say he was correct in that! So while too much splurging can definitely get us into trouble, it’s ok to do it responsibly!

It’s really in the last few years, since I’ve entered my 30s, that I’ve begun to feel comfortable with the idea of spending more money on a few really important things. Things that I want, plain and simple. And things that will last forever, those are really worth the extra bucks!

Yes, it’s important to live within your means. I totally get that. Taking on more debt for a frilly vacation (even though mama needs a Caribbean escape!) or a new outfit probably isn’t wise, nor is it advisable, especially when trying to tackle debt. There I said it.

With all that being said, I totally recommend getting a planner to manage finances and set that splurge day up! I love my planners, I have about five. Maybe that’s my splurge!

Something I REALLY wanted was my Cannon camera. But it’s so hard for me to bite the bullet and get something, even if I’ll use it and need it! My husband actually had to hit the order button for me, I’m such a chicken sometimes. If you’re going to buy a camera, splurge girlfriend. Do it. It’s worth it and you’ll use it for years.

Something else I really wanted and saved for was a professional heat press to help me produce shirts at a faster pace. I also didn’t want to hit order but it’s something I’ll use for a long time in my business. Creating crafts is something that soothes me. Every piece I make just makes me happy!

Another thing that’s so silly and most will laugh at is my tier tray decor & Rae Dunn. Sorry not sorry, it’s my guilty pleasure that technically I don’t need, but WANT. I was so happy to buy our new house and have a two corner cabinets to display my Rae Dunn! Although now I need more, and man finding Rae Dunn during a pandemic is rough. I also found myself buying decor for my tier tray, and losing it between holidays. So I started making my own in my Etsy shop! It’s still a splurge buying the stuff to crest pieces but I get exactly what I want, and I can make them for friends!

Visit my Etsy shop to splurge for yourself!

So my point really in this entire blog is, treat yourself. Please don’t ever think I’m telling you not to. DO IT GIRL. Just do it responsibly and make sure your splurge is something that brings you joy.

I’ve connected with some amazing Bloggers to share some splurge day themed blogs with you. Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing.


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