Living in leggings

Staying home with three kiddos everyday can be tiring. Do not get me wrong I am blessed beyond belief, however it leaves very little time for myself. I do not have the luxury of always wearing cute boutique clothing day in and day out. Hey I like a good pair of jeans and sweater but it’s just not my thing right now.

Comfort is huge for me. If it’s not comfortable to take care of kids in, count me out sister. This is my outfit of choice and I’m not sorry about it! A good pair of leggings and cute cropped sweatshirt is where it’s at for me. Between making bottles and chasing some crazy toddlers around that like to play jack ass, you know how that goes. I have to be ready in a split second to grab a toddler off the stairs who wants to see if a balloon can float her down. The answer to that is no in case you’re wondering! It also is easy for me to squeeze in a workout if I don’t need to hurry up and change. I get very few moments to myself so if I’m wearing it I am more likely to sneak in some cardio.

I find most of my comfy outfits at the beloved TJ Maxx. Their prices are right on most things and the clothes are quality. I tend to head towards the area where the workout clothes are. You’ll find some good tummy control leggings there for those of us that rock a mom bod! This time around I scored some super cute tye dye crop top sweatshirts. I was so scared to try and pull it off since I have some extra belly that’s sticking around. But paired with some high waisted leggings I honestly feel good! Who said comfy clothes have to be ugly? I still want to feel pretty when I’m home, it keeps me from feeling frumpy. Are there days I stay in pajama pants? Absolutely girlfriend. Are there days I do dress myself up with makeup and curls? Still absolutely.

This is me in the raw. I’m not perfectly perfect but I’m comfortable with being me.



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