Jurassic Quest

This past weekend we were given the opportunity to attend Jurassic Quest in the gorgeous city of Pittsburgh. My inner child was screaming with excitement. Honestly I’m not sure who was more excited, me or the girls! We are always searching for fun family days out, especially mid winter when the cabin fever sets in strong. The event was held at the David L, Lawerence convention center right on the Allegheny river. I had never been here so I had no idea just how huge this place was! I mean you have to have a giant area to set up real life dinosaurs 😉 Parking was so convenient, and easy to find. Aside from Jurassic Quest being held there, there was also a cheer competition as well. I really dreaded trying to find parking, but to my surprise we got one on the first level of the parking garage! The girls were thrilled to walk into the building and see giant escalators that led up to the event. They loved looking out the glass floor to ceiling windows with the perfect view of PNC park in the background!

Since we were VIPs for the day the girls were given adorable backpacks with a toy dino inside. They definitely felt like rockstars! I was afraid it would be so crowded we wouldn’t be able to see much up close but they had it spaced out perfectly so that all the kids got a turn. I was so impressed with how great they looked set up. The T-Rex was a hit with me, but Hadley preferred the “scara-dactyl” since it was a little more her size! Some of the Dino’s were animatronic and had sound effects. They really went into all the fine details to put on this show.

It took us about an hour to walk through the dino area, they had so many! It really felt like we were back in the jurassic period. Once we got through that area they had multiple set ups for kids to do science experiments, crafts, and they even got to make their own fossil! They really thought of every detail to make it a special day for all the kiddos. It was well organized and we never waited in very long lines to get to do an activity.

There were giant dinosaurs that the kids could climb up and ride, bounce houses for every age, and a live dinosaur show where the kids could pet the babies, face painting, and even a fossil dig!

All in all, we give this two thumbs up! It was a perfect day out in the city and I recommend you take your family if given the chance. Snag yourself the VIP tickets so that your kids can ride unlimited dino rides! Thank you Jurassic Quest for having us, we can’t wait to visit again soon!



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