Cooperate world Mom

Life as a working mom…what’s it like is a question I get daily. It’s like a whirlwind of chaos both exhausting and beautiful. My days are spent away from my girls from 8-5, working full time in the cooperate world.

When I’m home it’s a war to find balance between house work and quality time. Don’t get me started on my own self care, being a wife, growing a new tiny human, and what is relaxation?! The hardest part of being away from them is watching someone else raise them. It gives me serious mom guilt to say the least. I miss doctors appointments, boo boo’s, cuddle time, and milestones.

On the flip side, me going to work everyday brings in extra money to spend on family adventures we wouldn’t get to do. I know at the end of the day I’m still their mommy, and I’m teaching them everything they need to know about this big world! Being a working mom is hard, and being a stay at home mom is hard. One doesn’t top the other and no mom is less of a mom for whichever they pick.

Keep pushing Momma, your kids are seeing everything you do for them and thank you at the end of the day.

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